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Things we learned in this episode:

  • Steve Carlsburg may be just about the smartest and bravest person in the whole of Night Vale
  • Cecil was apparently a much less ‘softer’ and happy person before meeting Carlos, and spent most of his time at the radio station
  • His guarded and angry behaviour in…


you know that one album that youve listened to so many times and youd defend it with your life and you can anticipate every single little note that comes after the other and you can sing along to every word and it just has a special place in your heart that no other album can fill


why do people not like miley cyrus oh my god her music is so amazing and shes so rad damn shes a babe


Hahahahaha omg does anyone remember that time Mara Wilson was on a Night Vale panel and she was like “when I play the Faceless Old Woman I pretend I’m talking to some guy named Chad, it helps me get a feel for her condescension, like, ‘Chad, really? Really Chad, you’re gonna leave your beard hairs all over the sink, what’s wrong with you?’”


steve carlsberg??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of steve carlsberg spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of steve carlsberg scatter across the floor] shit fuck im holding them for hal lublin just listen


Welcome to Night Vale: The September Monologues

Wait so is Carlos a secret operative or not

Warning: eye strain (bright colors), eye contact/scopophobia, family conflict, wtnv spoilers
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The thing about horror movie situations is imma do my best to help you but if we running and you fallin or we hidin and you whimperin and sobbin, that’s it! I can’t do nothing else for you! You have made the choice to be a damsel in distress and boo this ain’t Camelot I have 0 time to die

P!@td: Anxiety at the dance party.
30stm: Half a minute to our neighbouring planet.
5sos: It was a really short heat wave.
Atl: never been this blue before.
Blink: I liquidate my eyes a hundred and eighty-two times.
Ptv: Poke a hole through the the brides head gear.
Fob: I pushed a boy out the windows, gravity did it's job.
Om&m: The band not the book about a retard and his best friend wanting a stupid farm.
Green day: Blue + yellow 24 hours.
My chem rome: This molecular affection belongs to me.
Sws: Entering dreamland despite the noise in the background.
Bvb: #00000 headdress for multiple woman undergoing matrimony.
Underoath: Beneath a strong promise.
Etf: Dodging the undodgeable.
Aild: Whilst my life drains from me.
Fftl: Starting with alpha ending with omega.
Mmf: The american city is allowed to burn.
Bfmv: Keeping a killing instrument for the one I love.
Adtr: 24 hours worth reminiscing about.
Asking Alexandria: I don't know bro you should probably ask her.
Ym@s: We, in about two hours.
Fir: Rewinding a downwards motion.
Bmth: Pass me the edge of the world.
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me when i first joined tumblr: haha i like your shoelaces!!! superwholockian 4 life! YES let's buy a tumblr island/university/cafe SO MUCH FUN!! DEAN IN SHORTS! supeRNATURAL GIF?!!!
me now: i hate this website it's so embarrassing
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